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About the Movie

“Perpetual Steam Punk” is an episodic web series set in an alternate San Francisco. The Industrial Revolution was allowed to run amock, without any regulation of the resulting pollution, child labor practices, or general dirtiness. As a result, the US and the world became balkanized as smaller groups of people attempted to fix some of these problems.

In San Francisco, a small oligarchy took over and attempted to become self-sufficient. In order to drum up patriotic support for their cessation from the larger country, they harkened back to San Francisco’s glory days – the Victorian era. To show their patriotism, the upper-class dresses in Victorian formal wear for evening celebrations.

By day, they are a practical people. San Franciscans love the machine, not the factory, and individually-made goods are very valuable. Those who know how to make things are valued. But the most valuable thing of all would be the Perpetual Motion Machine, rumored to have resided in the Archer House. With its own source of power, San Francisco could realize its dream of being a completely independent city-state, free to pursue trade relations with the city-state of Tokyo and the Republic of China, without having to defer to its nearer neighbors for fear that they will cut off its power.

The titular head of tPSP group victorianhe city-state of San Fransisco, is The Queen Victoria. Sometimes a wiley politician, sometimes a puppet for other forces within the oligarchy, the female head of state is always changing, but the title is an attempt to maintain an illusion of stability.

Our cast of characters includes several members of the oligarchic class: a railroad baron, financier, machinist, and shipping heiress. And of course, the intrepid reporter who is uncovering some of their secret dealings.

Who will find the Perpetual Motion Machine, and who will control it?

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