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K&K tea party

KIMBER and KRISTIN both have a lot of fancy degrees from fancy schools that mostly enable them to sit in front of a computer a lot.

Except when they are dancing, which is much more fun.

They both have a deep and abiding love for science fiction and historical costumes.


grrarrghDAVID has always been known as the Tall Skinny Asian Kid with Glasses.  Even when he was performing in the role of Elderly Teutonic University President.He’s a lot happier now than he was then.


JeffJEFF is and has been many things, including pianist, composer, photographer, lecturer, choreographer, and system architect, among other things.  He has a passion for all forms of dance and has studied most social partner dance styles.In the northeast, he spent time working in most aspects of theatre: acting, costuming, directing, managing, lighting, sound, etc.  He’s currently a member of the Academy of Danse Libre vintage dance performance troupe and a voting member of The Recording Academy.  He travels around the world for dance, continuing to learn and explore. Actor/Dancer

Monica&RyanMONICA SHEN KNOTTS and RYAN KNOTTS have been featured dancers, instructors, and choreographers since meeting at Stanford University in 1994, where they studied under their mentor, Richard Powers. They have choreographed and reconstructed over three dozen performance pieces for their own vintage/Radical Vintage troupe, the Knotts Dance Company, as well as Danse Libre, dance troupes in the US and Europe.Ryan and Monica have two preschool-aged sons, so many of their current activities involve staging mock light saber duels.



Sara ColbySARA is known by many as everyone’s “Japanese friend” despite being only half Japanese. She’s a native of Southern California and moved to the North to pursue her dreams of living a bohemian life away from the smog of L.A. She’s been acting since the fifth grade and made it her major in college where she also obtained some ‘behind the scene’ skills. When Sara isn’t acting she also enjoys writing novels, taking pictures, and randomly busting out her ballroom moves in malls and supermarkets.



MIKE FATUM is a director, writer, ediMiketor and DP in San Francisco. He has directed around twenty short films over the last five years, including the super hero dramedy High Caliber and the sci-fi action film Novacorp. He has always had an interest in filming the weird, crazy and fantastic, and has documented or made films about just about anything you can think about at this point. No, seriously, he made a film about a sock puppet once. We’re not kidding. His films have played at the Pingree Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival. One day he hopes to have a little house in the suburbs right next to a giant film studio, so that he can make all of his movies without ever getting out of his pajamas.

Director and Director of Photography


Brian-smallfiles10BRIAN is most known for wearing practically nothing as the lead (Darren Lemming) in San Francisco’s revival of the Tony Award Winning theatrical smash hit play TAKE ME OUT, Brian has also appeared in multiple shows throughout the Bay area. Including but not limited to: GREASE (Sonny), IN GABRIEL’S KITCHEN (Marco), & also ZANNA DON’T (Tank) which was nominated for 9 Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle awards in 2008, and won in two categories; Best ensemble in a musical, and best choreography in a musical.
Brian can be seen in many films as well. He has appeared alongside Master P & Lil’Romeo in STILL ‘BOUT IT, which was a sequel to Master P’s ‘BOUT IT, and has recently wrapped on two features: “Reality TV Movie,” a spoof of reality television where he played the flamboyant, wild, and wacky Manny Nutz, and also a dark and shocking peice entitled “Hawt Bullet,” where he played the tantalizing callboy Aiden James. Brian also just finished shooting a 30-minute pilot entitled CROSSING BOUNDARIES, and is scheduled to shoot two more projects: VAMPRESS which is a short Vampire film where his character falls in love with a newly turned vamp that is trying to find her footing in the vampire world, and also XENON 3 which is the third and last installment of the short film parodies of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. Release dates of these films are yet to be determined.
Brian is incredibly honored to be apart of a project which takes a very creative look at the gorgeous landscape of San Francisco where he calls home. You can find out more about him and also connect with him on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter by going to

By day Mae Linh Fatum is a high school physics teacher, by night a dancer and actor.  Always down for an excuse to get dressed up and dance, Mae Linh is so grateful for being able to be part of this production!

Inspired by the romantic clothing and textiles of history, Denise Pieracci established Satin Shadow Designs where she has the freedom to create exquisite bespoke clothing for both men and women.
With a background that includes many years of designing costumes for theater, dancers, musicians and solo artists, she is also extremely experienced in restoring Vintage Wedding Gowns, as well as replicating vintage clothing. She is also a highly skilled tailor, in the French fashion.
Specializing in the lost arts of hand embroidery, beadwork and lace making / repairs, corsetry and millinery, Denise creates expertly hand crafted and perfectly fitted garments, unique to your needs, be it for theater or a special occasion.
The current focus of Satin Shadow Designs is the emerging field of Steam Punk Fashions. This merges her finely honed technical skills with a wildly creative streak resulting in some beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art. This includes making “hatties”, miniature ladies’ top hats, to match an outfit.
You can see sneak peaks on our new site: or email us at
Recent clients include: Costumes for Perpetual Steam Punk; Costumes for Tom Stoppards’ Arcadia, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester , New York; attendees and employees of the Great Dickens Faire, San Francisco; volunteers for living history re-enactments at Sutters Fort, Sacramento; restoring / repairing vintage lace wedding gowns.

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