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The Dance

The Modern Quadrille was choreographed by Anna Botelho, and danced to “Post Apocalypse Punk” by Abney Park

Thanks to the California State Park Service for letting us film in the Governor’s Mansion.
Costumes and Accessories:
Thanks to Satin Shadow Design for corset featured on Marie, coat on Perry, and general costuming vision.
Thanks to Mark&Audi at AudraJean for the awesome zipper hat featured here on Marie and the harness corset belt featured on Evan.
Thanks to Atelier Choklit’s Adornments for Tarts for cuffs featured on Adelle and Marie.
Thanks to Isabella for corsets featured on Amelia and Connie.
Thanks to Joan Walton for her steampunk coat, featured on Constance.
Thanks to Trevor at Wardenclyff Wares for the cool lamp on the table.
Thanks to Tyler and Harmony for their awesome art skills.
Hair and Makeup:

Thanks to Nora Ponce for doing hair and makeup, and to Denise Pieracci for helping keep us beautiful.

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  1. Credits for Episode 1 are on the “Thanks” page « Perpetual Steam Punk

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