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The Characters

Kristin dayADELLE ARCHER: A self-made woman: female machinist, and something of a pioneer in the field; founder of Widget Works.  Is blessed with her grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s machining talents, and is not burdened with her father’s tendency toward drink, but is unfortunately still invested with his debts.  Current owner of the Archer House.


AMELIA PRICE: Intrepid reporter, and Kimber purple backJoshuah’s partner in the newspaper business.  Because her older brother (Jonathan) was close with Adelle, Perry, and Joshuah, she has been cast endlessly as the younger sister.  Sharp, has a lot on the ball, plays her card close to her chest. Romantically interested in Perry, despite her better judgment.


CONSTANCE STENDAHL: Only daughter of a San Francisco shipping magnate and a Tokyo princess.  Beautiful, shallow, but craftier than she appears.  May have the current Queen Victoria’s ear.  Perry’s girl of the moment – only he can get away with calling her “Connie”.


EVAN HOLLANDER: Buddy of Adelle and Perry and involved in their secret dealings. Travels via rocket pack, which Adelle made for him.

GERARD GIDEON: Former paramour of Adelle Archer.  Handy with a sword.  Quick with a demand for money.

HUGH RADNER: A proper gentleman of the upper-crust; financier; second cousin of the current Queen Victoria; Constance’s would-be paramour.


JONATHAN PRICE: Amelia’s deceased brother and childhood friend of Adelle, Perry, and Joshuah.


JOSHUAH BROOK: Newspaper photoJoshuahgrapher, having pulled himself up by the proverbial bootstraps after his father drowned himself in the Bay.  Childhood friend of Adelle, Perry and Jonathan, and boyfriend of Adelle when they were 15.  His father’s death and ensuing plunge into poverty cut off his ties to the likes of Adelle and Perry and he continues to carry an enormous chip on his shoulder about this.  Funny, brash, but easily hurt.  Romantically interested in Adelle, but mostly is mean to her.



LUCY: A friend of Constance and Hugh, although their friendship is strained by Hugh’s continued interest in Constance and Constance’s persistent interest in herself.


MarieMARIE: Adelle’s long suffering maid, secretary, and general jack of all trades.  Knows all of Adelle’s secrets, and plays a bigger role in them than the outside world would guess.  Unflaggingly pleasant.  Eternally loyal to the Archer House, and to Adelle.  Infinitely discreet.


PERRY FITZROY: Railroad baron, wealthy, upper class.  Fairly serious about himself, but never (so far) serious about


any one woman.  Was part of the teenage club consisting of Adelle, Joshuah, Amelia’s deceased brother Jonathan, and

himself.  Is still good friends and sometimes business partners with Adelle.  Has known Amelia from childhood and is romantically interested, but would never admit it.


THE QUEEN VICTORIA: Title of the female head of the city-state of San Francisco.  The woman changes every few years, as the political winds change, but the title remains the same.
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  1. November 9, 2009 9:25 pm

    Hey SteamPunk Cast & Crew!
    It was a super huge honor and pleasure to work with all of you on this project. I’m looking forward to many more episodes.
    Best Regards,
    Brian J. Patterson

  2. Jie Mei permalink
    April 12, 2010 8:47 pm

    the costumes look great.


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